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International Shipping and Exports

CITES exports/International Shipping: I export under the following conditions:

- WE ARE APPROVED FOR CITES RAPID SHIPPING program and we follow the letter of the law. I only ship with the legal CITES paperwork. Do not ask us to do anything other than that. The entire process can take as little as a week schedules permitting. Of course weather, feeding schedules and such, may impact the exact day a shipment can take place.

- We have a minimum order for International Shipments of $4000 total in Boas.

- We do NOT broker other breeders animals and we do not ever ship other peoples animals with our shipments, so please do not ask.

- We charge $300 for the basic filing fees for International Shipping.

- It is your responsibility to know your country's legal requirements for shipping CITES animals to you.

- All shipments must be picked up and inspected at the Airport at the time and point of pick up. Any necessary claims must be made with the Airline at that time. We have been shipping Boas for more than 25 years and professionally package our boxes with great success.

- Unless other arrangements are made, I cover the shipping costs up to 10% of your dollar volume for your order. In other words; Spending $5000 means I cover the first $500 in total costs. Spend $7000 and I cover the first $700. The balance will be prepaid by you before I ship to you. These charges vary depending on your locality. Canadian shipments generally run around $1000 total. Europe and Asia are higher. Email me for a quote along with your Boa list.

- If your country requires such, we charge $200 for a Health Certificate.

- Shipments to Canadian are limited to Ottawa, Montreal International and Toronto Pearsons International.