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Boaphile Payment Plans

Boaphile Payment Plans

Nobody is more open to payment plans than The Boaphile. Most animals are available on long term payment plans. The potential exceptions are the animals that I have very very few of and or those that are on the very high end. That being said, I do not have every animal that is available for sale posted on the site. You will not be able to determine on your own if your choice will work or not. I'd say 98% of the time I can do a payment plan. So please call to discuss it with me OK? 507.263.7289

- 10% Minimum down holds the animal for you.

- 10% per month unless something else is agreed upon by both parties in advance. I have had people that have had to extend their payment plans or skip payments. This is always workable so long as I am communicated with regarding any issue of this sort. I am a working stiff just like most of you and am very understanding and flexible regarding this.

- A total 20% of the animals value will not be refundable. When an animal is taken off the market, other potential customers do not have the opportunity to purchase that animal. If for any reason you fail to fulfill your payment plan, you will not be refunded that 20% so be sure about your purchase before you commit to a payment plan.

- No animal will be shipped prior to being paid for in full.

- I do not charge any maintenance charge of any kind while I clean, feed and care for your animal till you complete your payment plan.

- I might be interested in a trade from time to time, but that trade is going to have to be something that I have an interest in. Relatively rare Boas might interest me. Other Reptiles probably are not going to interest me unfortunately. However, many other items of value might interest me as well. Do not hesitate to ask.

Payment plans for me are an essential part of business and a part that I welcome. I do not consider a payment plan any burden whatsoever and value your payment plan order just as much as someone who is straight paying for an animal from me. So please do not hesitate and ask if you have any question whatsoever.

Jeff Ronne Sr. / The Boaphile