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Roswell Ladder Tail Boas

This picture is part of a litter from a Roswell Ladder Tail Het Kahl Albino male bred to a Hypo Jungle Het Kahl Albino female born here August 29, 2014.

What a wonderful litter it was to see. The father male was born here in 2012 as a possible Het Albino. So I was pretty excited to find the Albinos in the goo!!!

A very cool group to see together and pick through.

There were a ton of females born in this litter and only a handful of males of any sort.

ALL the RLT stuff I have produced to date, I bred by always out crossing as much as possible. In fact this season 2014-2015, which I have not produced anything from yet, is the first year it looks like I might produce any Supers or Roswells. I do hope that works out. But just so you know, these are ultimately out crossed two generations by my hand. The Roswell gene originated with a Surinam Red Tail Boa. These are only 12.5% Surinam and the rest come from Colombian type stock.

These babies are below for your perusal. :-]

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